Sobremesa | Barcelona

Sobremesa | Barcelona


Join us for our Barcelona edition of our Sobremesa Winter 2019, a global dinner series, hosted by Alexandra Kyvik. Alexandra is a food and hospitality geek that enjoys hosting dinners at her parent’s home and historic venue @bibliotecalmirall together with @claudiapessa, en educated chef that makes simple yet delicious food with the most local ingredients. For more of her work, follow her at @bibliotecalmirall.

About the meal

This meal is inspired by harmony and balance in a winter season. When the elements are cold and intense outside, we turn inwards for warmth and comfort. This meal offers a delicate approach to balance. We seek foods that are nurturing and warming, but still delicate and graceful. We pair a rich meal with refreshing elements as an ode to the balance between light and dark.


Date: Saturday, February 23rd

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Served at a historic private library overlooking Barcelona that has been thoughtfully renovated into a private residence.

Arrival: 1:30pm

Address will be emailed to all guests for host’s privacy



Welcome Snack
Tapenade Butter + Winter Crudité

Course One
Cauliflower Soup, Rose Dukkah, Preserved Lemon

Course Two
Braised Beef
Parmesan Polenta


Cashew, Cilantro, Capers

Charred Radicchio

Course Three
Poached Pears

*vegetarian / vegan / dairy free / gluten free alternative


For Questions: email

***Dietary restrictions will be accommodated with advanced notice.

**Each Ticket includes one cooking class demonstration. For this meal, guest’s will be learning how to make the homemade preserved lemon from the menu.

Please note that all tickets are non-refundable.

Sobremesa (n.)

— the time after a meal when the food is gone, but the conversation around the table continues.

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