Sobremesa | Los Angeles

Sobremesa | Los Angeles


Join us for our Los Angeles edition of our Sobremesa Fall 2018, a global dinner series, hosted by Anne Sage and Elizabeth Messina. Anne is an author, blogger and content creator. Elizabeth is photographer known for her romantic and ethereal film photography. For more of Anne’s follow her at @citysage and @elizabethmessina for Elizabeth’s.

About the meal

This meal is inspired by the earth and the processes of fermentation and natural aging.

Fall is one of our favorite season and connects us back to the earth. As the season shifts, the color palette mutes and darkens to deep, warm hues. We turn inward, move at a slower pace and look for comfort. Spending more times indoors, we gather around the table with the ones we love. We prepare foods you want to share.


Date: Tuesday, October 9th

Location: Los Angeles, California

Served in Elizabeth’s beautiful studio at her Los Angeles home.

Arrival: Details coming soon

Address will be emailed to all guests for host’s privacy



Pungent cheese, meat + fruit

Bread and black garlic butter

Pear, endive, fennel, coriander, smoked ricotta


Short rib, chili oil, garlic chips

Braised olives, pickled carrots

Saffron risotto

Plum torte + espresso


For Questions: email

***Dietary restrictions will be accommodated with advanced notice

**Each Ticket includes one cooking class demonstration. For this meal, guest’s will be learning how to make the homemade smoked ricotta from the menu.

* Please note that all tickets are non-refundable

Sobremesa (n.)

— the time after a meal when the food is gone, but the conversation around the table continues.

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