Sobremesa | Oak Park, Illinois

Sobremesa | Oak Park, Illinois


Join us for our Oak Park edition of our Sobremesa Summer 2018, a global dinner series, hosted by Myndi Devore & Fran Knechel. Myndi and Fran share a love of cooking local, seasonal meals, feeding friends and family, and exploring Chicago’s restaurants (as well as raising young children, reading, exercising, and being married to attorneys named Charlie). They value the community that flows from preparing and sharing meals with friends. For more of Myndi’s work, follow her at @myndidfood and @readsandfeeds for Fran’s.

About the meal

Designed by Sunday Suppers, our Summer menu is inspired by the season’s bounty. Markets bloom with vibrant greens, berries, tomatoes and stone fruits and warmth surrounds us. In the kitchen, we reach for flavorful ingredients that mimic the intensity of summer — but also for cooling elements to cleanse the palette and refresh. This meal is inspired by the vibrant colors of the season, heat, balance, beauty, taste and our favorite foods to share.


Date: Saturday, July 21st

Location: Oak Park, Illinois

Served in Myndi's backyard, weather permitting, in the historic suburb of Oak Park, which borders Chicago to the west

Address will be emailed to all guests for host’s privacy

Arrival: 7pm



Frutas, Sumac and Lime

Sopa de Lima

Communal Tacos
squid ink tortillas, curried cauliflower, green crema, cilantro, pickles

Chocolate Avocado Pudding
cream, cinnamon and hazelnuts

On the table

Coconut + cacao black beans / Charred jalapeño guacamole / Lime pickled vegetables / Cilantro + onion / Cojita


For Questions: email

***Dietary restrictions will be accommodated with advnaced notice

**Each Ticket includes one cooking class + a 4-course meal will be served after the cooking

* Please note that all tickets are non-refundable

Sobremesa (n.)

— the time after a meal when the food is gone, but the conversation around the table continues.

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