Sobremesa | Wallkill | June 2nd, 2019

Sobremesa | Wallkill | June 2nd, 2019


Join us for our Wallkill edition of our Sobremesa Spring 2019, a global dinner series by Sunday Suppers. Hosted by Chad Mathew Carlson and Marri Milcarek of [smoke & smolder]. Together they host unique culinary experiences for guests throughout Brooklyn and The Hudson Valley where their passion for open fire cooking and handcrafted cocktails come to life. Dinners are thoughtfully curated to offer a new and welcoming experience for guests with dishes that evoke a sense of adventure. For more information on their dinners follow @smokeandsmolder__experience. 

About the meal

This dinner season is titled ‘Begin’ as it is the time of renewal and freshening. We emerge from the colder months and are welcomed by fragrant, light air. This meal is inspired by spring’s delicate nature and a dawning of green. The food served is a way to highlight the bounty and lightness of the season, the meal is purposefully light and airy but still filling and warming—suitable for a transitional season towards the cycle of beginnings. 


Date: June 2nd, 2019
Location: Wallkill, New yYork
Served at The Greenhouses at Audrey's Farmhouse — a former commercial nursery converted by Audrey’s farmhouse innkeepers Sally Watkinson and Doug Posey, The Greenhouses host communal dinners where events take place fireside and under the stars surrounded by hundreds of trees and plants.
Arrival: 7pm

Address details will be emailed to all guests 7 days before the dinner to maintain host’s privacy.



Welcome Snack
Tea Stained Eggs
crème fraîche, maras pepper

Course One
Trofie Pasta
parmesan brodo

Course Two
Salt Baked Whole Fish
lime, basil, tarragon


Grilled Artichoke*
garlic, parsley

On the table
Lemony White Beans
Charred Cabbage
Herb Aioli

Course Three
orange blossom, petals, hazelnuts 

*vegetarian / vegan / dairy free / gluten free alternative


For Questions: email

***Dietary restrictions will be accommodated with advanced notice.

**Each ticket includes one cooking class demonstration. For this meal, guest’s will be learning how to make the salt baked whole fish. 

Please note that all tickets are non-refundable and in USD.

Sobremesa (n.)

— the time after a meal when the food is gone, but the conversation around the table continues.

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