Le Taco


Join us Saturday, June 17th -- we'll be serving up tacos from the newly released Simple Fare: Spring / Summer. Come by for delicious tacos and a good time.168 Kenmare,12 - 6 pm.



Simple Fare: Spring / Summer

Sunder Suppers founder Karen Mordechai offers a gorgeous seasonal cookbook — the first in a two part series, (Simple Fare: Fall and Winter will be launched in Fall 2017) with Simple Fare: Spring and Summer: A Guide to Everyday Cooking and Eating (Abrams, April 18, 2017; U.S: $35.00; paperback). This beautifully illustrated resource focuses on market-driven recipes centering on satisfying meals and balanced flavor profiles.

The food is approachable but decidedly nuanced — balancing unexpected flavor profiles with beautiful presentations. With 68 recipes and 97 variations, Simple Fare is an oversized, distinctively designed kitchen essential of over 165 seasonal recipes. This book is a resource for avid cooks and beginners alike.


LINKS FOR Purchase

Pre-order your copy at the following retailers: AmazonBarnes and Noble + Indie Bound. Exclusive signed copies are available here and here



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