Berry Limeade + A Weekend Guide

At our Ladies Lunch we served a Berry Lemonade with Basil Simple Syrup, it was refreshing and quite a hit - so we promised to post the recipe (see recipe card below). As a take home we gave out jars of Raspberry Lychee jams. All the labels and sign you see are from the fab Betsy Dunlap. A warm thank you again to all our guests and vendors for sharing such a lovely day with us. This weekend is going to be beautiful out and we're so excited, we're thinking of going to the Hester Street Market downtown to check out some new vendors. Other things going on about town are : The Central Park Conservancy Film Festival, would pair perfectly with a little picnic in the park. Brooklyn Honey is hosting a bike tour of all the (now legal) hives in the area and there's a neighborhood pig roast and sidewalk party on North 3rd and Kent Ave (you must buy tickets in advance here).  What are you guys doing this glorious weekend ?