A First Birthday

Earlier this month we celebrated Sophia's Birthday, her first. Amazing that a year has passed - how she has grown and how much she can do and express leaves me utterly speechless. Not too long ago we had our first sighting of S in her sonogram- she was the size of a sesame seed, flickering about with her little heart beat. Now she walks, no runs, and jabbers and plays and blows kisses. Celebrating her first year was one of the most incredible days ever. We are so very blessed and lucky to have this little girl in our lives. That said, I obviously went a little overboard on decor and food and thought I'd share some bits. I half cooked- half catered from City Bakery (best place in the world). With the help of some rock-star vendors we created a food table (adorned with handwritten signs on fabric and paper by Mara at Neither Snow). We also had a custom burlap sign from this etsy vendor, and a floral garland from Ashley Meaders.

We served: Sofia Cheese (from Indiana) with a Plum Rose Jam, Pretzel Crusted Chicken and Watercress Dressing from City Bakery, Fresh Greens , Roasted Carrots and Cauliflower.

And for dessert - Sumac Lemonade, Pretzel Croissants, Chocolate Chip Cookies and...

cake, she dove right in- isn't she something : ) ?

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