Beet Greens Soup

This soup tastes and smells like comfort. It is a touch tart from the lemon and tomatoes, but all the ingredients meld to create a perfect stew. Growing up my mother would make this for us on a friday afternoon. Traditionally it is served with kubeh ( meat filled semolina dumblings) but since I was a vegetarian for most of my youth, I would serve up a big bowl of the soup - and skip the kubeh. Making the soup on it's own is a great way to use the leftover beet greens and is so so easy to make. happy cooking and let us know if you try it !

Recipe :: Beet Greens Soup

1 yellow onion chopped Greens of 5 beets roughly chopped including stems 1 cup Crushed tomatoes 2 peeled chopped beets 4 cups Chicken stock 1/2 lemon Salt + pepper

Soak greens for a long time, and rinse very thoroughly in a strainer and pat dry. Saute onion in a bit of oil until soft and translucent. Combine all ingredients in a stock pot and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and allow the soup to cook down, approximately an hour or when beets are fork tender.