Big News, a book!

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Looking Back + a few steps ahead

This past year has been a busy one. One of the busiest times I can recall. A lot has happened. We renovated. We moved. We started offering more classes and private events. We’ve had our hands full with social media: we tweet, we instagram, we pin, we facebook - and sometimes we blog : ). All this you probably know. But alas, the bigger news ! I have been asked to do a Sunday Suppers Book and it will be published by Clarkson Potter in Spring of 2014. The book will be a collection of recipes and gatherings.

When guests come to a supper, inevitably someone asks me how we started this.  And so I thought I would tell you guys the story.

About 3 and a half years ago I hosted our first dinner. I collaborated with my friend Casey who is a chef, to come teach some friends how to cook and then we’ll all sit down to eat, that was the premise. I would take some photos, it would be a simple meal with friends. I liked the name sunday suppers because it made me think of the leisure at a table with the ones you feel closest to. Quickly word spread. Strangers would write and ask if they could attend the next supper. These suppers were in our home in brooklyn. We said yes. Our list grew - attendees would send us a check in the mail to reserve their spot and tickets would sell out rather fast. Guests came from all over the world, I was astonished. The dinners became a way for us to share our home and food with friends, old and new.

My community grew. I started to collaborate with chefs, artisans and merchants. The dinners became a way to discover and meet some of the talents I admired most.

We’ve now moved into our new home - and we host our suppers frequently.

Throughout all this, I’ve had a very supportive husband (who was ok with us sleeping many a night with our dining room table in our bedroom). And along the way I became a mom, which has been truly the biggest gift of my life. And now 3 years later, a book. I cannot believe it. And so I wanted to thank you all for being here. For those who send me emails and letters, those who’ve attended classes or read the blog and those who have worked with me to make it all happen.

In the coming weeks I’ll be catching up on some blog posts of events we’ve had in the new space, please visit back.

Happy Holidays to all.

Photos above from our holiday Dinner by Karen Mordechai, Flowers by Foxfodderfarm