Coffee Guide | Toby's Estate

We had the great pleasure of shooting at one of our favorite neighborhood spots last summer, Toby's Estate Coffee. Housed in what was once a meatpacking factory on North 6th Street in Williamsburg, its plush couches and high ceilings invite a perpetual stream of local devotees through its doors from dawn til dusk. 

In addition to their coffees, we've become addicted to their breakfast egg sandwich, gussied up with espresso lacquered bacon and Shelburne cheddar - it is the ultimate way to begin a workday. Our take on their bacon recipe here.

For the team at Toby's, quality is integral. Their coffees are bold and flavorful, a result of years spent traveling around the world to source the best beans from the most committed small batch farms. The shop's founder, Toby Smith, began roasting his own beans in the back of his mom's garage in his hometown of Sydney, Australia, after stints on coffee plantations in Brazil and Guatemala. 

It has been said that the phrase "Toby's Estate" is synonymous with "coffee" in Australia and it's easy to see why. It's commitment to quality is evident in each and every cup.

Photography | Karen Mordechai for DCS Magazine in New Zealand

Location | Toby's Estate | 125 North 6th street Brooklyn NY

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