Grilled Pizza Class

We're back...Many of you noticed our brief hiatus last week...while we were traveling out of the country - we were attacked by a virus ! Some of you may have seen that horrifying error message when you tried to log onto the site. Honestly, we had no idea how serious this could be in the web world - apparently someone had hacked into our site and was up to no good. We worked round the clock to get things back up and running and we're happy to say that we are back and ready to (finally) post our grilled pizza recipes ! from the pizza class coming this week and some posts from abroad as well. We're so happy to be back - we have lots to share ! Below are photos from our grilled pizza class- the decor was straight up rustic italian. We had flowers created by the very talented (somewhat new on the scene) Kat Flowers. We used white tablecloths, and these awesome fog linen placemats from brookfarm as runners. White enamel vessels and pitchers, wooden pizza boards - and matching checkered napkins all brought the rustic but modern pizza vibe together. The menus were a neat trick - we had one large rubber stamp made snd stamped our menu onto precut stock. This is such an easy diy project! And for favors, pizza cutters for each guest.

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