Grilled Pizzas and Wine pairings

Vincent's menu from the grilled pizza class were inspired by the wonderful cheeses and unique flavor palates of 4 different countries. We also had a special treat, a visit from Janine Hock at Omniwines- who paired each pizza with a beautiful wine.  Omniwines is a specialized importer and distributor of terroir driven wines. Their wines are typically estate bottled, made from indigenous grape varieties and represent a balance between historical/cultural traditions & enlightened modern winemaking. They focus on wines from relatively under represented regions in Italy but also represent producers from other wine producing countries of the Mediterranean & South America. Below is a our menu - along with the wine pairings served. A huge thanks to Janine and Omniwines for participating in this event, we were truly honored to have you !

Nibbles Parmigiano-Reggiano & Marinated olives- **Wine : Medici Ermete "solo" Lambrusco 2009 - this is a dry, sparkling wine coming from the heart of emili-romagna, Italy. It is made with 100% lambursco salimino and has a refreshing fresh dark fruit characteristic, good acidity and frizzante/bubbles that dance on the palate.  this was served when guests arrived.

Buratta &  Broccoli Grilled vegetables and antipasti

Grilled Pizza:

Italy, Margarita DOC San Marzano tomatoes, Mozzarella di Buffalo, basil **Wine: La Sibilla Falenghina 2009 - 100% falenghina coming form the area of Compi Flegrei which is on the bay of Naples. It's bright, light and refreshing white wine with racey acidity.  Slight salinity in the wine from its proximity to the sea starts stimulates the palate for food like tomatoes, lemon and mozzerella cheese.

Spain Manchego, Figs, Serrano Ham, Arugula **Wine: Jesus Diaz Malvar 2009 - 100% malvar which is an indigenous grape: located only within the DO of Madrid, Spain. It is made in an old tradition of fermenting in earthenware jars that create an interesting floral nose, slightly viscous mouth feel and matches food with salt and sweet components.

USA Roquefort, Roast beef, Caramelized onion, Cracked peppercorn **Wine: Zolo Bonarda 2009 - 100% Bonarda from Mendoza, argentina.  The most grown red grape in argentina is plush, aromas of black current and black rasperry and smooth tannins

France Beaufort, Goat cheese, Truffles **Wine: L'ermitage 2009 - white from the Languedoc regions of France, the south . A blend of Marsanne, viogner and granache blanc and its aromatics are stone fruits like apricots and white peach, richer mouth leaning towards a heavier white wine but dry on the finish.

** All wines are available at Smith and Vine.