How to Make Homemade Burrata

We teamed up with our friend and lovely chef Camille Becerra to bring you this step by step Burrata making piece. For those of you not familiar, Burrata is a fresh mozzarella filled with a gooey creamy center. "Burrata" in Italian- literally means "buttered" (nuf said !) Start off with a few simple ingredients: 2 lbs curd (cow's milk), sea salt and 1 pint heavy cream. Camille gets her curd at Di Palo's in Little Italy. Scroll down for the 9 step guide or click on the recipe card for a printable version. Step 1:  allow the curd to come to room temperature and cut into 1 inch cubes

Step 2: In a large pot, boil water and add a good amount of salt, taste the water it should taste like seawater. Turn the flame to very low or off and add the curd cubes

Step 3: With your hands or a wooden spoon knead the curd so that it begins to come together

Step 4: After a few turns remove about ¼ of the curd and begin stringing it apart

Step 5: Add enough heavy cream to the frayed curd so that it resembles the consistency of ricotta.

Step 6: Continue kneading the remaining curd till soft and malleable.

Step 7: Pinch off 3 inch balls from the mother curd, and while still hot spread thin, if it cools too much and looses its pliability dunk in into the warm water

Step 8: Scoop a good amount of the heavy cream-cheese filling into the curd you’ve spread thin and immediately close all the ends to resemble a little pouch

Step 9:  have a bowl of lightly salted cool water to drop your pouches of burrata into. Buon appetito !

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