ILA| Essentials For A Beautiful Home

It is with great excitement that we are telling you about a project that is close to my heart, our new line of beautiful home essentials - ILA, set to launch in the Fall of 2015.

ILA is a collection of essential ingredients for your kitchen + home. Carefully sourced from farms, purveyors and artisans around the globe, each of our products has been selected for its integrity and delivered to you with great care and purpose.

ILA officially launched via kickstarter on August 5th at 10 am Eastern time. Now, we turn to you for support- the funds raised through kickstarter will allow us to create our line’s debut products.

Over the last few years, we have dreamed to bring this line to fruition - it is with great pride that we bring you this premier line of essentials, curated by Sunday Suppers.

ILA | Essentials for a beautiful home.

To lend your support or for more information, visit us here




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