Kinfolk + Sunday Suppers | A Messy Meal

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For our October Sunday Supper we collaborated with Kinfolk to host a gathering called | A Messy Meal.

We share a common thread of community and gathering and it is always a pleasure and privilege to host for them.


With the recent launch of our cookbook, Sunday Suppers | Recipes + Gatherings, we decided to cook from the book for this gathering. We made cornbread with honey butter, ribs, slaw, potatoes and ended of on a sweet and seasonal note with pies  from Four & Twenty Blackbirds.

Thank you for everyone that partnered with us and for those who joined us at the gathering. The cookbook is available in our shop and also on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Indie Bound




Chef |  Christina Liva

Seasonal Pies | Four & Twenty Blackbirds

Biodegradable Plates + Cutlery  |  Wasara

Drinks + Gifts  |  Morris Kitchen

Olive Oil  |  California Olive Oil


Styling + Photography |  Karen Mordechai

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