Kinfolk + Sunday Suppers | L' esprit de la mer

In May we hosted a Kinfolk dinner bringing about the spirit of the sea. We were inspired by nostalgic memories of the Mediterranean sea, the simplicity of salt trickling through hands and flavorful platters of food. Together we worked with a team of spirited folks in the community to create a simple feast and guests were treated to a Mast Brothers chocolate bar to take home.   Our menu included | halloumi, fig and radish salad


black sesame flatbread

beet + herb yogurt


whole market fish baked in sea salt and lemon

potatoes + ramp salsa verde


olive oil cakes

rose cream + pistachios


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Chefs |  Echo Hopkins +  Eddie Shumard

Styling + Photography  |  Karen Mordechai

Styling Assistant | Marize Conradie

Gift  |  Mast Brothers Chocolate

Floral Installation |  BRRCH