Late Summer :: Roasted Eggplant, Tahini, Heirloom Tomato + Mint

Our CSA has been filling our fridge with wonderful fresh ingredients this season and it's made us play around with some new ingredient combos. We've been making these easy sandwiches for a light dinner or easy snack. For the first sandwich of our fading summer series we combined eggplant and Tahini. This simple open face sandwich is as easy as charring an eggplant over an open flame. We did it on an oven burner, gently rotating the eggplant around until the skin cracks and the insides soften (or a broiler would work as well). Once your eggplant has cooled simply slice in half, scoop some flesh onto lightly toasted sliced bread (we opted for an olive baguette), spoon fresh Tahini over top, sprinkle sliced heirloom grape tomatoes, fresh mint, fresh cracked pepper, lemon and a splash of olive oil. The smokey eggplant, salty olive bread, creamy tahini, fresh tomato and surprise mint are an amazing send off from summer into cooler fall temperatures. Enjoy !

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