Midday Meal :: Winter Greens Salad

Styling + Photography by Karen Mordechai

Here is an easy use of all the lovely greens in the markets. The dressing is very light and refreshing-- this salad will fit into your New Year cleanses very nicely.

6 oz Winter greens (we used a mix of Swiss chard, ripini mustards, kohlrabi, chicory, kale, beet tops, bok choi, and spinach) 1 black radish, 1 red radish, ½ red onion, Black sesame seeds Dressing : 1.5 tbsp Honey Grated fresh ginger, 1tsp Sesame oil 1/8 cup Pinch salt and pep 1/8 cup olive oil 2 Tbsp rice wine vinegar

Whisk all ingredients of the dressing together. Use a mandolin to slice radishes thinly, chop onions, allow these to marinate in the dressing for about 10 minutes, and mix with winter greens. Add black sesame seeds and toss again. Serves 4 !