Minted Rose Water :: Trad Home Shoot

Part 2 of our Trad Home story will be featured this week- if you haven't seen the collaboration between trad Home and Lonny Magazine, have a look. For this story we wanted to give an easy refreshing summer drink: Rose Water + Mint. For both Sunday Suppers and in our homes, we like to offer our guests a drink when they walk in the door. This allows everyone to relax and mingle for a bit before we get our lesson going. Are roses edible you might ask ? Yes! if they are organic and pesticide free - so just check with your local market or florist.

For a tiny carafe like ours we combined 2 cups of cool water, a quarter teaspoon of Rosewater, two sprigs of Mint, and a few rose petals. This can obviously be doubled or tripled depending on your vessel.

Credits/Sourcing Guide Photography + Styling  :: Karen Mordechai Styling Assistant + Writing :: Lizzy Sall Carafe, Glassware and Spoons :: Canvas