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Famed for her beautiful food styling and cake making Nikole Herriott is coming in to teach a weekend workshop at our studio this summer. Day one will be an all day pastry workshop, day 2 will be a four course Sunday Supper dinner. If for any reason you are not familiar with Nikole's work you should be- check out her blog here and her lovely shop here. And of course the story behind the shop. Nikole's work is calm and it is beautiful. It inspires me personally, and so I am thrilled to have Nikole come for a visit.

Saturday Aug 18 :: Pastry Workshop with Nikole Herriott Summer Cakes + Sweet Tarts

The focus will be on Baking, Food and Prop Styling. Nikole might even bring a few of her favorites props from her shop!

Students will learn how to bake a variety of small cakes and tarts. Specifically, how to make small vanilla custard cakes, a simple crust as well as pastry cream, mousalline and buttercream. And of course how to put it all together. The class will also cover styling tips and photo prep.

This workshop will take place in our studio in Williamsburg Tickets are available here Workshop 10am - 5pm Lunch will be served Ticket Cost includes Lunch as well as all supplies and ingredients

Sunday Aug 19 :: Sunday Supper with Nikole Herriott This meal is inspired by Summer evenings, dinners taken outside and trips to the sea.

The Menu:

Kumumoto Oysters with Melon Mignotte musk melon, chive blossoms and vinegar

Hand Rolled Tagliatelle with Water and Butter Sauce feathered fennel and celery, summer garlic stock, coriander seeds, bufala ricotta, salt, pepper

Frenched Pork Loin with Crackling new potatoes and summer zucchini salad

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cones homemade ice cream and cones

The Format: Nikole will teach a guided dinner class followed by a sit down dinner. The group will communally cook this four course meal, start to finish. Students will make homemade pasta and shuck their own oysters. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves !

Details: The class will start at 4:30 pm at our Williamsburg Studio. Dinner is served at 7(ish) Tickets are available here

About Nikole :

Nikole Herriott is half of the partnership that makes up the well-known housewares line Herriott Grace and the popular blog Forty-sixth at Grace. From before the age of ten Nikole forever imagined herself a baker, "I fancied working in a kitchen someplace, kneading dough and baking bread, placing fruit and fat and flour just so. I’ve always kept a keen eye on aesthetics, with an honest appreciation for the innate beauty of things. I trained as a pastry chef straight out of high school; upon completing my apprenticeship, work allowed me to travel extensively. Traveling lead me to a new curiosity for the world, and that curiosity lead me home and straight to university. Partway through my degree I realized I craved the creativity lost in entering academia; I missed capturing the aesthetic of things, missed working with and creating beautiful objects, missed working with my hands. In hopes of finding that again, I picked up a camera, continued writing my blog and eventually opened Herriott Grace." Born and raised on a farm in Victoria, British Columbia, Nikole is settled for now in Toronto, Ontario, where she helms the creation of many of the pieces in the Herriott Grace line, as well as running the business end of the shop. She has a fondness for ironstone platters, morning light, well-worn tables, copper pots, trips by train and things made by hand.

All Photos by Michael Graydon :: Styled by Nikole Herriott

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