Recipe:: Chicken Tagine with Preserved Lemons, Green Olives and Golden Raisins

The full menu from our Moroccan dinner was : A Harissa brushed Halibut, Gazpacho, Greens followed by the Chicken Tagine with preserved lemons and cracked olives a coriander feta polenta and a roasted beet and fresh mint salad. For dessert: a Fig and sesame Tart with orange cardamon cream. Creating the Moroccan chicken in an authentic clay tagine from Morocco was divine. The earthy flavors from the clay along with the wonderful seasonings meld to create this comforting stew. If you don't own a tagine you this can be done in a heavy dutch oven and cooked stove top. Just bring the mixture to a boil then lower to a simmer and cover. Cook for 45 minutes or longer. Scroll down for the full recipe. Bon app?tit.

All Photos by Karen Mordechai

Chicken Tagine with Preserved Lemons, Green Olives and Golden Raisins

1 whole chicken, quartered 1 tsp each, turmeric, cinnamon, coriander, cumin, dried cilantro ½ c olive oil ½ c lemon juice 8 slices preserved lemon ½ c green olives ½ c golden raisins 2 c chicken stock

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all of the dry spices together with the olive oil and lemon juice. Toss the chicken in the marinade and let sit refrigerated for at least an hour. On medium-high heat, sear the chicken to create a nice golden crust, approximately 8-10 minutes. Make sure to turn the chicken so that all sides get the color. Scatter lemons, olives and raisins over the tops. Pour in chicken stock and bake for 45 minutes to an hour.

Recipe courtesy of Casey Solomon for Sunday Suppers