Recipe:: Fig and Sesame Tarts with Orange Blossom Whipped Cream

As many of you know one of our guests at the last sunday supper was Aran Goyoaga ( who will also be teaching our next class. (yay!!) Casey was putting the finishing touches on her fig & sesame tarts for dessert, and Aran happily jumped right in to help us plate and garnish. Aran was a true pleasure to have at our class, she wrote the sweetest review here - if you haven't seen her inspiring work, go there now ! It's absolutely amazing. Scroll down for the recipe of our Fig & Sesame Tart below.

All Photography by Karen Mordechai

Fig and Sesame Tarts with Orange Blossom Whipped Cream Tip: If you want a smoother filling, put the cooked fig mixture in a blender and pour in to tart shells then chill.

10 oz dried Turkish figs ¼ c sugar zest and juice of 1 orange ¼ c marsala wine or any sweet dessert wine ¼ c water ¼ c sesame seeds, toasted 10-12 pre-made mini shortbread pastry crusts 3 fresh figs whipping cream 1 tbl sugar ½ tsp orange blossom water

Chop the figs into small cubes. Combine figs, sugar, orange zest and juice, wine and water into a sauce pan. Bring to a boil and reduce heat. Simmer for 15-20 minutes or until the mixture becomes the consistency of jam. Let cool for 15 minutes and stir in the sesame seeds. Spoon into tart shells. Make whipped cream with 1 tbl sugar and ½ tsp orange flower water. Put a dollop of cream on each tart. Top with a sliver of orange zest and fresh fig.

Recipe Courtesy of Casey Solomon for Sunday Suppers