Roast Chicken + Ramps, Tomatoes, Olives and Lemon plus sides

The Perfect Roast Chicken and sides: braised purple cabbage, crispy cauliflower. The chicken was served on a bed of ramps tomatoes oil cured black olives and lemons. I'm a big fan of the perfect bite- taking little morsels from each dish...and making perfect flavor mixes. This my friends, is the perfect meal to do just that. It's beautiful on the plate and just as tasty.

The trick to the perfect roast chicken ? Lots of butter under the skin, herbs and flavoring inside the cavity. We roasted these for an hour on the nose at 450 (and until the thermometer reads 168 when inserted into the thigh). Attached are the detailed recipes.

The communal chicken prepping was one of my favorite ss moments, so fun.