Spruce Infused Olive OIl

2L0A25862L0A2534 2L0A2547 2L0A2560 Holiday Gift Idea - Spruce infused olive oil. Infusing the oil with the fresh wintery taste of Spruce is so wonderful and of the season. The oil works well on greens and salads to add a fresh note.

To infuse we used a generous amount of spruce sprigs (about 5-6 bunches) and a liter of good Italian olive oil. Heat the oil and spruce in a saucepan on medium-low heat (cook to 180°), let the oil cool, and then strain out the spruce before bottling the infused oil. We packaged these in little amber bottles and shipped them out to friends near and far.

Wishing everyone a happy and merry holiday season - hoping it is filled with laughter and love.