Summer Supper :: Pearl Couscous Salad

All Photos by Karen Mordechai Recipes Courtesy of Casey Solomon for Sunday Suppers

Pearl Couscous Salad

2 cups couscous 1 3/4 cups fresh orange juice juice of one lemon juice of one lime splash of white vinegar splash of olive oil half a stick of butter melted salt and freshly ground black pepper

one red onion finely diced 2 roma tomates finely diced 1/2 bunch of parsley (the market variety, not the small bunches from the supermarket) 1/2 bunch of cilantro (as above) toasted slivered almonds

Combine orange juice, lemon and lime juice, white vinegar, olive oil and butter in a pan on the stove. Season. When this mixture is boiling pour it over the cous cous and mix it through with a fork. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and leave for ten minutes. Remove the plastic wrap and separate the grains of cous cous with a fork. Add the red onion, tomato, parsley, cilantro and toasted almonds. Check the seasoning, it may need a bit more olive oil, salt and pepper.