Sunday Supper :: Behind the Scenes, NYC

In preparation for our Summer Supper with guest chef Aran Goyoaga of Cannelle et Vanille....the three of us hit the markets on a beautiful hot saturday afternoon. It was the perfect NY day (and you guys know those are few and far between these days). The markets were overflowing with the most amazing produce and we were ooo-ing and aahhing the whole way through. Both Aran and Karen had their cameras, so it was a bit paparazzi - but we thought you'd enjoy some photos from the day. Mostly food and a few pics of us are below :) We were in love with the market goods, the purple eggplants - the heirloom tomatoes...just incredible. Casey picked up some fresh herbs and greens and Aran found the most lovely currants and berries for her desserts. We worked up an appetite and ended the day with a late lunch at Pastis. The perfect day for 3 foodies and 2 cameras. cheers.

All Photos by Karen Mordechai

Photo from Left to Right: Karen Mordechai shopping at the Farmer's Market (photo by Aran Goyoaga), Middle Photo Aran @ Meatpacking