Sunday Supper :: Brunch

Omy gosh, Brunch.
Our Sunday Supper Brunch Class last week was sooo amazing. Between the flowers, the food and the lovely people -it all came together so fantastically - we couldn't be more pleased.
Scroll down the page recipes and more photos. We're breaking things down a bit for case you want to try this at home - we hope you do ! Happy Cooking.

We served biscuits & butters, a souffle with wild mushrooms, heirloom tomato salad and wild salmon on the side. For dessert- poached stone fruit with marscapone. deeelish. For the decor, we wanted to do a very clean white (kinda-girly) feast. A very long chef's table, adorned with jessie's wildflower arrangements, mismatched silverware and....voila ! the best brunch ever !

All Photography by karen mordechai