Sunday Supper :: Ladies Lunch + The Little Flower School

Ok, as promised we'll be posting the images from the Ladies Lunch all week. As you may remember - the class was a two-part session: a floral arrangement class by The Little Flower School  and a cooking lesson with The Jewels of NY.  The flower class was taught by the fabulous duo that runs the Little Flower School, Sarah Ryhanen (Owner of Saipua) and Nicollette Owen (of Nicolette Camille). We enlisted our friends Nicolette and Sarah to do a mini class at our Sunday Supper - and we couldn't have been more excited. Our loft looked fantastic: set up like a little parisian flower shop, with buckets of incredible flowers in hues of deep purples and pinks. Students were guided as they created their arrangements, they were introduced to all these amazing new flowers, where and when to buy them in NY, how to properly cut and arrange and got some great insider tips. I actually put my camera  down for a bit and made an arrangement myself, I couldn't resist. We borrowed the students' beautiful arrangements to adorn the table for our lunch, and later everyone went home with their creation. It was so wonderful having the Little flower school at our place, and congrats to sarah and nicolette for this awesome writeup in the times this week). xoxo- km Below is a list of all the flowers we used, we are kind of obsessed with the Nigella Pods - which is your favorite ?

Flower Index: (Left to right) Picture 3: Nigella Pods and Russian Olive; Picture 4: Scabiosa Pods; Picture 5 : queen anne's lace; Picture 7: hydrangea; Picture 8 : Flowering Oregano; Picture 9: Russian Olive Picture 10: Garden Roses "Amnesia & Rosa antique", Echinacea, Yarrow & Scabiosa; Picture 11: Nigella Pods; Picture 12 & 14: Rosa Antique; Picture 17: Scabiosa; Picture 18: Nigella Pods

Beautiful Calligraphy by Betsy Dunlap All Photos by Karen Mordechai