Sunday Supper, Picnic :: Burrata Salad

Camille created this wonderful burrata salad by simply layering, in a small jar we used these:using a slice of ripe red tomato a slice of burrata or buffalo mozzarella (if burrata is unavailable) then topped it with a couple heaping spoonfuls of the cauliflower relish.

We are absolutely obsessed with burata ! In Italian it literally means "buttered" - a perfect description...It's a version of fresh mozarella, a silky exterior and a creamy gorgeous inside. It can be hard to find, since it's imported from Italy. But we recently spotted it at the Bedford Cheese Shop in Brooklyn. It can also be used in a classic caprese (tomato, basil and lots of great olive oil). If you haven't tried it yet, seek it out - it's truly wonderful.

All Food Styling + Photography by Karen Mordechai Recipe Courtesy of Camille Becerra for Sunday Suppers