Sunday Supper :: Summer, Menu

The menu for our Summer Supper was a 3 course Savory, 3 course Sweet celebration of summer. Casey's portion of the meal was served family style in big bowls and platters that were passed around the table. The market inspired menu was filled with the most seasonal goodies, marigolds, watermelon, corn, berries, currants....the list goes on. We will start posting recipes tomorrow, we'll be working our way backwards and starting with the wonderful creations by Aran, we know you are patiently awaiting them :)The menu was as follows:

swordfish and salmon kabobs with market vegetables
pearl couscous salad
watermelon, feta and basil salad
market greens with mint and marigold

berry consomme with lemon champagne sorbet
nectarine, pistachio and lemon mascarpone tart
assorted petits fours