Sunday Supper, Summer - Thank you

My apologies for the few scattered posts, turns out blogging and traveling is a bit tougher than it looks ! Thank you for all your sweet comments and emails ! I've just returned from my trip and it was just wonderful...lots and lots of photos coming soon ! In the meantime...I'm behind on this last post, our favors for our guests from the last sunday supper. As a celebration of the sweet and savory we made a sugar and a salt for guests to take home. A lavender strawberry sugar and a fresh mint salt. These are so easy to make at home, just add your favorite spice/herb and blend it in a blender on high for a few seconds. We used wonderful dehydrated berries (which you can find at whole foods, fairway and trader joe's) and fresh lavender for the sugar and a big bunch of mint from our garden along with a nice coarse salt. easy ! - k.

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