Valentine's Day Recipes

Sarah Copeland was sweet enough to teach our valentine's day dinner this month. The menu drew inspiration from the cold winter months and the dinner was a celebration of love and merriment. The food palate was bright and merry and rich enough for a valentine's day affair.  Sarah has graciously shared three recipes (if you click on the recipe card below) And the others can be found in her new book, slated for Fall of 2013. If you don't already own her first book - it's a must ! The Menu Roasted Beets with Ricotta and Pistachios

Carrot Soup with Hazelnuts and Blood Orange-Oil

Braised Short Ribs with Herb and Citrus Germolata Melted polenta

Little Tangerine Pine Nut Pies Homemade Chocolate Sorbet




Sarah is a natural instructor and gave lots of cool tips including basics like how to chop an onion and her grandmother's secret to perfect pastry dough


This tangerine marmalade was killer




Recipes for the Braised Short Rib, Polenta and Beet Salad are in the recipe card below. A very warm thank you to Sarah and our helpers who helped pull off a magical affair.

All Photos by Karen MordechaiRecipes Courtesy of Sarah Copeland, The Newlywed Cookbook