Tay Tea :: Persian Rose

Winter is about to remind us its January and this weekend, curling up with a cup of this—Tay Tea might be just the thing. Uncapping the jar of “Persian Rose” is as much of an experience as drinking it. The delicious smell is not to be believed. And how cute are Nini’s other names : “Marry me again” or “A Day in Provence” ? Each is a sight too—vibrant rose petals, currants, or cornflower. A full sensory experience we might say. And Nini’s love of tea is articulated perfectly. She says, “What inspires me is the simple truth that tea, like love, has no boundaries. It is available everywhere and within the reach of everyone. It is simple and pure. All you need is hot water and the patience to linger a few moments while the tea leaves dance. And much like love, tea is layered and complex. It is sophisticated and mysterious. The more I dig into the deep culture of tea, I seem to never get to the bottom of it.”

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