WEEKEND GUIDE | 02.20.15


A few weeks ago we had the honor of a studio visit by Jessica Commingore - visit her blog for an interview and full story about what we do. 

This week marked the start of the Chinese New Year. Xi'an Famous Foods will be hosting a musical celebration at the Music Hall of Williamsburg featuring such fabulous food vendors as Otafuku and Nom Wah Tea Parlor.

If we don't make it there, we'll certainly be looking into one of these other Chinese New Year specials on offer.

There's something about the imperfect edges on these plates at Philip Flick that make them oh so beautiful

They'd be great to serve any of these Oscars snacks

Sunday evenings are a time to spend around the table with our loved ones. We couldn't be more excited to be closing out this weekend with friends, some new, some old, at our ROOTS inspired dinner at the Sunday Suppers Studio.

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