Weekend Guide

So first off an apology, since I was supposed to post the photos from our private event - but taking care of little Sophia is really a full time job and sometimes the week just flies by so quickly. She had her first vaccination this week, which made her a bit sad and fussy - and needed all of my attention. So - promise ! next week...a full post of the event.  As for the weekend, we will be home, hibernating with the little one - but here are a few suggestions for you guys.... Number one on our list is Saipua’s Holiday Bazaar this Sunday ! One of our favorite floral designers of all time, plus her amazing soaps, wreathes, baked goods and more. We’re also curious about the new Ger-Nis Culinary + Herb center, also here in Brooklyn, and there are classes for you to try if you’re curious too. And don’t forget it’s cocoa day ! We want Popbar’s chocolate on a stick, to be swirled in your steaming hot milk. The perfect Christmas shopping pep in your step. Have a great weekend everyone ! (Above Photo: Flowers by Saipua)

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