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Breakfast :: a Kinfolk Story

A few months back we shot this story for Kinfolk magazine. It is a story about taking the time and finding respite in the craziness of our city.  As we near summer's end I hope to infuse some calm into this new season. I'm not sure about you guys - but we have had a nutty summer here filled with lots of events at the new space, travels and shoots and such. There is also a big new project that I am dying to tell you guys about, soon. So with all this - I am reminding myself to hit pause- breathe - and take some time, something I often forget to do.

An early Morning Breakfast, on the Brooklyn waterfront.

We served:

Concentrated Coffee + Cream Donuts Sandwiches: Egg, Avocado, Greens + Parsley Pesto on Brioche Macerated Blackberries, brown sugar, mint Grapefruit Juice

Credits: Written by Lizzy Sall for the full story pick up a copy Kinfolk (volume 4) Styling: Karen Mordechai  + Lizzy Sall for Sunday Suppers Photography: Karen Mordechai