Moroccan Sunday Supper :: Table Designs + Flowers

The table design from our Moroccan dinner was inspired by the old tiles that we used as a runner down the middle. Jessie (from Rountree flowers) came in and constructed these amazing little mum shapes - inspired by the patterns in the tiles and by piles of spices - amaaaazing. She then continued with rose petal garlands, decorating the tabletop with those pops of orange and pink, they were just the thing. The candlestick holders were actually regular taper holders that Jessie converted into pillars by attaching votive holders on top, filling them with sand and using a bit of fun tak to attach - neat trick ! More about the menus & paper items coming soon...stay tuned xoxo

All Photos by Karen Mordechai
Flowers: Jessie Weidinger from Rountree Flowers
Menu Design: Erica Bohanon of Thoughtful Day