Sunday Supper :: Amy Atlas Part 2...@ Moroccan Evening

Ok, please forgive us, caving into popular demand we will be going out of order a bit. We know we owe you some market photos (and we will post those next week)...but everyone is anxious to see the photos from Amy's Table up close. We don't blame you - it was magnificent and it was truly an honor to have Amy as our guest contributor. The fabulous backdrop and pattern along with all the paper goods & goodie bags were designed by the ever-talented Erica Miller of Thoughtfulday.

Other incredibly talented women worked to bring this together - Aran Goyoaga of Cannelle et Vanille baked the orange flower macaroons, orange creamsicle panna cotta and baked meringue sandwich cookies. The gorgeous cake was designed by Archana Rao of Love Street Cakes. Those gorgeous flower centerpieces were created by Jessie of Rountree Flowers. And...Ali Kantor created a traditional moroccan cookie called kaab el ghazal, which served as a favor for the guests to take home in goodie bags. YUM.

All Photography by Karen Mordechai