Review :: cafe 202

photography + styling by karen mordechai

Ah, Cafe 202. Inside the Nicole Farhi boutique, inside the Chelsea Market. The cafe within the boutique within the market is like a breath of calm. With mismatched vintage chairs + tables, the neutral palate of pottery and clothing sat piled perfectly around us while we studied the menu. One thing for certain is that service here gets an A++. While our adorable server's name has escaped us, his sweet smile and personality have not. We got a kick out of his humor and wanted to tuck him in our back pocket to take home and hang out. The meal we both couldn't say no to was eggs on toast. What sounds simple and boring was luscious and unique. The egg whites were lighter than a feather and seemingly endless. The toast, a wheat sourdough of sorts was lightly toasted to perfection, and the sauteed mushrooms on top were earthy and good. A side of granola, honey and yogurt ? Why not. Oh and the beautiful bloody ? Not ours, we were on the job !