We Heart :: Saltie

Sunday Suppers popped into the new sandwich shop Saltie recently to check out Caroline Fidanza’s latest undertaking (and first proprietorship), having worked for the Andrew Tarlow and Mark Firth local Williamsburg empire (needs no introduction, but just in case – Diner, Marlow & Sons, Marlow & Daughters). I have to say, we were impressed! Or better yet, hungry. One look at the pastries and sandwiches and the 4pm busy-bee stomach let me know it was empty. I read in an interview with seriouseats.com that one of Caroline’s “over-the-kitchen-sink” go-to meals was Salvatore ricotta with sea salt and olive oil either on Finn Crisp or fresh Italian bread. Clearly her style shows on this menu. These interesting combos, so carefully curated for the taste buds are heaven. I opted for the Spanish Armada – a potato tortilla with Russian-ish aioli, and a leek, chicken, prune stew (the name has slipped my mind). I climbed my starving little self into the car with the beauty you see here and every last bite, every last slurp, was a party in my mouth. Divine. And the d?cor speaks for itself. I loved walking in off Metropolitan Ave to these blue boards and block letters. I felt like I had walked into a little New England seafood shack with picnic tables and red-and-white checked cardboard containers. I will be back there for lunch sooner than later. I think next on my list is the “clean slate”: Wheatberries, chickpeas, miso, and pickled vegetables. Mmmmm….. You can visit Caroline in all her quaintness too – at 378 Metropolitan Ave, here in Brooklyn for lunch or dinner.

Photography by Karen Mordechai